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How to Create Content For Your Business

How to Create Content For Your Business

If you have a business, just bought a business, are starting out as a new business, or changing the focus of your business, chances are… you either don’t have enough content OR don’t know enough about how to create content.

Episode #11 sees the team diving into content marketing, covering everything from social to SEO, to how to create content and where to distribute it.

This is an intro to content marketing from 3 guys who somehow kind of found themselves making content for a living. In retrospect, we are going to need several more podcasts to get deep into it but if you have no idea where to start, this is the pod for you… Heck, even if you do… This is the pod for you.

In the pod you will find:

  • How do we create content?
    • Writing and creating internally
    • Outsourcing, Upwork and contractors
  • Getting started
    • What content should I make?
    • Competitive analysis
    • Using SEO tools
  • User-generated content (UGC)
    • People versus brands
    • Creators
    • Influencers
  • The right social networks for what
  • Messaging exercises
    • What do I want to get across?
    • Email + Automation Curation
  • Pros and cons

Some quick tips you’ll find in the pod:

  • Where and how do you start? Not every social network is right for every business, but just by getting started, you’ll find a channel that resonates with you, is right for your business, and you will figure it out.
  • The best content to focus on is ‘search’. It’s a really good way to just get started!
  • Ask yourself these key questions to find your niche:
    • Unique Selling Point (USP) – What do I actually want to get across to people?
    • Reputation and influence – What impressions do I want my business to leave with people?
    • Product catalogue – What product or service can I associate with my brand?
    • Competitor information – Where are people finding this product/service now?
  • Plug your notes from above into an SEO tool to find relevant keywords and content ideas.
  • Don’t stop sharing! Document your product or service, get your value proposition out there.

Candidly… there’s a lot more that we meant to get to, and will be sure to in the future. For now, we’ve put together a beautiful, chaotic hour of learning for your ears.

So give it a listen, share it around, subscribe for more.

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