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How to Build a No-Code Business (with Alex Friedman)

How to Build a No-Code Business (with Alex Friedman)

How to Build a Business (with Alex Friedman) | Builders Build #16

Many modern entrepreneurs struggle to build a business for physical products. Amongst the concerns that hold them back is the idea that they may not have the technical knowledge or coding experience needed to successfully pull it off.

Alex Friedman, a quintessential builder and content creator, is making a ton of noise on TikTok these days with the businesses she’s built in CPG and SaaS. Friedman’s TikTok presence is enhanced with her ongoing projects that feature content that’s focused on making tech and business easy to understand.

Founder Gigs is one of Friedman’s most recent projects, which she acquired in only a few months after building it with no code over a weekend.

In this episode we talk about how to build a business as a modern entrepreneur. We take a look at Friedman’s practical no-code advice that’s built on years of experience:

  • Friedman’s first forays into physical products
  • How those first forays evolved into full blown CPGs
  • Ways to bring products into retail
  • No-code tips to build your own tools and products
  • Best practices for sharing TikTok content
  • And more

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