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Buying an Ecommerce Business – 1 Year Later: $1k > $8k/mo

Buying an Ecommerce Business – 1 Year Later: $1k > $8k/mo

Buying an Ecommerce Business - 1 Year Later | Glowless

The gang is back to do a 1-year recap on Colin’s wife’s eCommerce business acquisition, Glowless. Our first episode about this was in the early days of the podcast, but it remains one of our most popular.

On this episode we recap:

  • where the business started
  • what was executed on in the first year
  • and where it’s going in the next 12 months.


Other topics we talk about include:

  • Product cost down and packaging overhaul
  • SEO successes
  • Email automation
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • TikTok organic and paid
  • The offer: Starter kits? Recurring?

We talk a little about those early days, and how Glowless, as an ecommerce business, went from $1k a month to $8k a month in the space of a year.


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