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Sell Your eComm Business – Risk-Free (with Nicholas Brown)

Sell Your eComm Business – Risk-Free (with Nicholas Brown)

Sell Your eComm Business - Risk-free (with Nicholas Brown) | Builders Build #21

Buy and sell your ecomm business or DTC brand the risk-free way. Join the Builders Build team as we deep-dive into the world of acquisitions on the pod, episode #21.

Meet Nicholas Brown, Head of North American Acquisitions at Dragonflip. Nicholas is a Sweden-based business broker who’s been working on complex mergers and acquisitions worldwide at multiple companies.

What’s the best way to sell your ecomm business, risk-free?

On this episode we talk about:

– Best and worst spaces to build for acquisition

– How to prepare to sell your business

– Tips for evaluating your business

– How to calculate a ballpark figure for your business

– What information you should have on hand before starting the selling process

– What categories are hot right now and where ecommerce is headed

– And so much more.


Sell your ecomm business now. Find Nicholas on LinkedIn and check out Dragonflip below:


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