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Starter Websites: Retention, Pricing, PR, Opps

Starter Websites: Retention, Pricing, PR, Opps

Starter Website: Retention, Pricing, PR, Opps | Builders Build #26

Every episode we sit down with an outline of topics. On this episode, that outline did not include “Live action role play James’ dog frisbee starter websites into a pet brand rollup and take it public with a reverse merger and find liquidity without crushing the stock, by using a single stock exchange fund through the good old boys and girls at Goldman Sachs”.

That was not in the outline, but we are moving and grooving into season 3 and we took that thing from inception all the way to the NYSE.

We’re back, and we’re having fun, keeping alpha top-tier for our global listenership.

By the way, can y’all leave us some 5-star reviews?

Anyway, in this episode of Builders Build, we dive into how we could take a pet niche starter website and turn it into a publicly traded pet conglomerate and so much more:

  • What is a starter website?
  • How to start a pet website in a super-tight niche
  • Best audience retention models
  • Pricing models for products
  • Colin moonlighting as a chief scientific officer
  • Branded merch
  • Is there an opportunity in golf everyone is sleeping on?
  • And more

Here’s a quick recap…


What is a starter website?

Starter websites are those sites built totally from scratch, or it could be an already-established site with a little bit of content, maybe some backlinks, a climbing rank. It’s not really making money yet but significant effort has already been made to get it this far…

To learn more about starter sites, grab your alpha from 10 minutes in on the pod.


How to start a pet site in a super-tight niche

If you’re really building correctly, you need to use original, highly engaging, and authentic content as the starting point for your site. This includes original imagery, non-AI-spun content, products in-store, etc. Google mentioned updates recently and how the updates could especially impact starter websites.

Find out how these updates should not be affecting you from 18 minutes in on the pod.


Best audience retention models

Community-driven newsletters are retention tools that run regardless of your ranking on any search engine. These newsletters are especially handy when they operate from a social media and video-based place of authority.

Keep your audience engaged by grabbing our retention tips from 25 minutes in on the pod.


Pricing models for products

At which point is the juice worth the squeeze? Never!

Retargeting, going organic on social, posting videos to Tik Tok (and repurposing them on your blog), cold outreach campaigns, and leveraging the network…

Find these and other top financial website tips from 30 minutes in on the pod.


Cooper and Dexter feature heavily in this week’s pod. This is pet niche alpha at its best!


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