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Personal Branding & the Beginnings of Kraken Mode

Personal Branding & the Beginnings of Kraken Mode

S3E3: Personal Branding & the Beginnings of Kraken Mode | Builders Build #27

Welcome to Builders Build podcast episode 27… Or more accurately, season 3, episode 3. This episode features a wide-ranging discussion on Kraken Mode, personal branding, the team’s content initiatives, and more.

We cover:

  • Milestones from Colin’s ‘kinda secret’ app
  • More on the Google update and what it means for your sites
  • Updates from the gang
  • James’ sale of the dog frisbee site
  • Perfect examples of starter sites
  • Marketing tips for niche content in sports
  • How to buy your own international D-level cricket team
  • Programmatic content as a baseline
  • Tik Tok and personal branding opportunities
  • Oren’s and James’ phenomenal Twitter newsletter growth

And everything else in-between, as usual. No recap this week… you’ve got to hear it to experience it.


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