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The Weird World of TikTok Live | BFCM Brand Prep

The Weird World of TikTok Live | BFCM Brand Prep

S3E4: The Weird World of TikTok Live | Builders Build #28

Check out the weird world of TikTok Live with the team as they travel down rabbit holes on the platform… and a hard pivot @ 30 mins in to Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) brand preparations around the globe, on their own brands, and specifically, brand ideas for Glowless @ 32 mins…


The Weird World of TikTok Live

Ok, so we’ve dug down to the underbelly of the internet looking for some of the weirdest and most unique business models we could find to discuss on the pod. And we found some incredibly clever entrepreneurs taking advantage of the need for eyeballs from the fastest growing social media network in the world.

Yep. You guessed it… TikTok. Search Google for TikTok Live, and one of the suggested search strings you’ll get is “Why is TikTok Live weird?”

So we took a dive into how some people make money on TikTok Live and how we might do it ourselves… if we could handle a 17th side project!

For those not in the know, TikTok Live is a rabbit hole of sheer chaos. What can easily be described as “the deep, dark depths of social media”, TikTok Live is an always-on and weird world where vloggers go live and get paid for it.

However, there’s no actual control over what gets posted. As a brand, TikTok is really pushing their algorithms right now on an organic level, so you can find literally anything on the platform. Some examples of what people are being paid for include:

  • the woman selling custom-filled bottles of sand for $40
  • sleeping / being woken up by popping water balloons
  • conducting strange societal experiments

But what is truly fascinating about TikTok Live is that – and we’re not sure if this is because of what the algos are pushing or if it’s just so nascent and new – the overwhelming majority of content on TikTok is from truly low-budget creators and totally amateur stuff, man.

We’re talking videos that loop for hours on end. Actually, we’re reminded a lot of farming for gold in Warcraft by these looping vids. The vast majority of it is just this weird, uncomfortable… stuff… in the gutter.


TikTok Live for Entrepreneurs

On the flip side, you have this entrepreneurial, product-grind kind of stuff that seems oddly more respectable, even though it’s just a random woman filling random bottles with random layerings of sand. Add to this the other entrepreneurs who get their products out there with:

  • virtual factories
  • product demos
  • manufacturing processes
  • How it’s made” kind of tutorials and lessons

And you realize that the platform has huge potential, if only…


The Hard Pivot

We also dropped some alpha on brand prepping for Black Friday Cyber Monday and…

  • Colin’s exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the annual Hoffmaier invitational
  • a step-by-step BFCM strategy for Glowless (32 minutes in)
  • an update on the remodeling of Colin’s mew
  • a quick dive into scam rap and the rappers themselves
  • sales funnels for the holiday season (45 minutes in)
  • Super September on Alibaba, with guaranteed delivery times for BFCM
  • revisiting the “Dad cast”
  • a shoutout to the “Under The Influence” pod
  • And more.


It doesn’t matter what else you’re doing. This is the chaos you’ve been waiting to hear – with headphones on from next week!


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