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The Importance of Brand in the New Creator Economy

The Importance of Brand in the New Creator Economy

The Importance of Brand in the New Creator Economy | Builders Build #29

Just how important is brand in the new creator economy, anyway?

On this episode the gang dives into brand, if it matters or not until you’re big, and the creators’ place in the marketing stack of a modern brand.

We also cover:

– the importance of brand before scale
– Mr Beast / Night Inc’s $100 million investment
– Creators’ effectiveness in marketing
– Separating and integrating personas & brands
– World building tactics
– Update on the mew
– Is the Deep V making a comeback?


#1 Brand Crushing it in the Creator Economy

The major topic today is about which brands have done really, phenomenally well. One of the brands that came up was Liquid Death, who went up against Coca Cola when they launched.

These are the guys who spent all of their money on branding and are currently crushing it. We’re sure they’ll end up with a billion dollar+ exit, but let’s wait and see.

The other big questions here today are…

  • Does brand matter until you’ve hit it big?
  • Do you need an entire brand agency working on your product to pull it off, or can you do it alone?
  • And what about creators and their roles in building their brand?

People tend to forget just how powerful a brand creator’s influence on social can be, specifically the CPG brands.

There’s more – so much! more – in the pod, so give it a listen, share the pod with your network, and tune in weekly for more like this.

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