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How to Run Compliant Ads for Non-Compliant Products

How to Run Compliant Ads for Non-Compliant Products

Are you a legit brand trying to run compliant ads for non-compliant products but violating ToS on all social media? Then this pod is for you | Builders Build #31

Bring back celebrity death match! Not that this has anything to do with running compliant ads for non-compliant products on social media, but there it is.

This week’s shoutout goes to everyone over 30 that used their weekly allowance as a kid to collect bootleg Dragon Ball Z (and later, Dragon Ball GT) VHS tapes. You’ll have to watch the YouTube video for today’s pod or listen to it on all your favorite platforms (links in the header above) to find out which one of us that was!



This kind of non-compliant product is the subject of today’s pod and this post, so welcome to it.

Let’s get started…


Ad networks like Facebook and TikTok LOVE to control what kind of products you can advertise. So what do you do if your company sells something the ad networks don’t like?

You listen to this podcast; that’s what you do.

In this episode, we give you all the alpha and info on:

  • How to run compliant ads for non-compliant products
  • Are SMS and email really the best way to reach customers?
  • How NOT to do SMS marketing
  • And more


What are non-compliant products?

If we were selling bootleg products like the guys we bought from as kids, what would be the best way to go about it? Understand that we’re not saying go for it, merely that this product would fall under the “non-compliant” product list and result in recalls, fines, or outright bans from social media platforms.

There are other legitimate products that may fall into this category, too. Things like CBD products or alcohol, for instance. It’s really hard to get these kinds of ads out there.


5-Step marketing plan for non-compliant product startups

What to do when your product is legit, but you can’t tell the world how great it is?

Step 1: Let’s take our earlier example of bootleg Dragonball Z products – Start an email mailing list on the topic of Dragonball Z for fans. You can find these people in all your group chats on just about every platform.

Step 2: Clean up your language so it complies. Using CBD as an example here, you could say “green” to bypass the hemp/cannabis language restrictions and spam filters.

Step 3: Play with words. A hot product right now, Cann is a CBD-infused cannabis beverage (duh!) that’s actually pretty darn good.

Step 4: Once you have people signed up to your newsletter and email mailing lists, it becomes easier to talk about “banned/forbidden” products like THC.

Step 5: Listen to this podcast again!


Want to know how to Build an Email Newsletter Business?

Join the team as they chat to Jack Raines on pod #12 about all things newsletters and email mailing lists.



While Facebook is quite strict about this, and other platforms are adamant that you’re not allowed to advertise any sort of cannabis products, TikTok is aggressive in their stance that hemp, CBD, THC, cannabis, or cannabis-infused anything is a definite no-no if you want your content to be published. The slightest mention of any of these products, an image or video that contains these products, or a comment left somewhere could get your account shut down – for life.



For Cann as a product to be getting away with their advertising says a whole lot about their marketing strategies and how they’ve managed to run compliant ads for non-compliant products.

Let’s break it down…



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