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How to Scale and IPO a Grocery Chain (with Liver King!)

How to Scale and IPO a Grocery Chain (with Liver King!)

How to Scale and IPO a Grocery Chain (with Liver King!) | Builders Build #36

We’re breaking away from the standard pod for a show or two, bring y’all a couple of opinion pieces on trending events happening right now, and a few what-if scenarios… like this one, featuring Liver King as our influencer…

Here’s the scenario: Sadly, Colin’s long-lost uncle, Thadious Landforce, passed away. Little did Colin know, Thad (as his friends called him) was the founder and sole owner of a natural foods-based grocery store chain.

Luckily, young Colin Landforce as his sole heir, inherits the grocery store and recruits his 2 best friends, Oren and James, to help him expand internationally and build a sizeable fortune.

To be honest…none of this happened, BUT we did play out this scenario and see how the team would grow this type of business.

Plans include:

  • creating food deserts
  • going public on a German stock exchange
  • hiring Liver King to be the face of the brand
  • And more


Along the way, we discovered all the things we would not do, for example, sell the same everyday products that everyone else does, or put fake stickers on our products so they appear organic (but aren’t).

We’re taking our natural foods grocery store and rebranding it, bringing in a major influencer, and competing with Dollar General just down the street from us. Our expansion model is looking for a closed down gas station in a rundown area of town.

We’re starting a membership-only discount offer like CostCo, bringing in a food desert around here. Join us on YouTube and see how it’s done!



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