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Shaqtoberfest – The Halloween Event of the Year

Shaqtoberfest – The Halloween Event of the Year

Shaqtoberfest - The Halloween Event of the Year | Builders Build #37

Everyone living in southern California has seen the giant Shaqtoberfest billboards on the highway. But what is it exactly?

Well, it’s a 2 month festival hosted by Shaq and based on Halloween. Odd and interesting, but does it make money? And is Shaq the most loved man in southern California?

The gang does a deep dive into:

  • Just how much is Shaq liked, anyway
  • What’s the cost on a ticket?
  • How much can Shaqtoberfest actually make in 2 months?
  • Will Shaq put his name on… literally anything?
  • How a roaming carnival company works
  • And more

By the way, if anyone out there knows the real economics of an event like this, please let us know.


What is Shaqtoberfest?

Hailed as the ultimate Halloween destination this October, Shaqtoberfest is the first-ever festival colliding with Halloween as its central backdrop.

The festival takes place out on Queens Highway in Long Beach, California and boasts a street carnival, clowns, a funhouse, rides, and games. A variety of food is available, and kids can go trick-or-treating during the day.

After 8pm, the festival offers an adult experience to festival-goers, and Shaquille O’Neal (after whom the festival is named) – aka DJ Diesel – will entertain everyone with his music choices.


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