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BTS: Bangtan Boys Got Drafted!

BTS: Bangtan Boys Got Drafted!

BTS: Bangtan Boys Got Drafted | Builders Build #38

You may have heard the shocking news that BTS, the singing sensation out of South Korea that has been taking over the world slowly but surely, is taking time off to serve in the military. That’s right, the Bangtan Boys got drafted. (Shout out to the OG mega celeb Elvis Presley for being the one to pave the way here…)

The Bangtan Boys are better known as BTS, a South-Korean boy band formed in 2010. The band’s label and management company, Big Hit, announced Monday that BTS plans to come back together as a group “around 2025,” after all seven members complete their service.

Rumours abound (of course!) that they may get exemption from military service, and the team is left wondering who among us would take that exemption, and who would serve. You’ll find no judgment here, just recognition for those who went before, and those who may still go.


What’s on the pod?

We all knew BTS was tough so this wasn’t a surprise, but it left us full of questions:

  • Would we have the balls to do the same?
  • Is Black Pink up next?
  • Which members will make it back alive (lol)
  • And more

Let’s break it down…


The Future of the Bangtan Boys

There are so many conflicting stories available in any given web search, and without going down a rabbit hole, it’s hard to tell which are true or not. As with most OG celebs, the rumours are sometimes far-fetched, but may still have a grain of truth to them.

Some say that BTS was already on the skids, with members wanting to go solo. After mandatory military service, will they really resume their boy-band action? Will the next 3 years bring clarity for them? And if they are exempted, what’s the future for BTS as a group in the immediate?


The Future of the Builders.Build Boys

Of course, this all begs the question: If called, would you serve?

You’ll have to listen to the pod for the really personal stuff here, but like Colin says, “If it was avoidable, I’d not choose to serve. Being away from my best friends and family – especially my 3 year old daughter who needs me hard right now – and losing this support system, I couldn’t do it.”

Not that we think we’re going to war against BTS… but would we also see Black Pink on the fight lines? Women in South Korea are not conscripted to serve, but may voluntarily join if they wish to. How will the BTS decision affect the girls from Black Pink, we wonder?


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