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Build Funnels & Community with Cardinal Mason and Ben H Bader

Build Funnels & Community with Cardinal Mason and Ben H Bader

Build Funnels and Community with Cardinal Mason and Ben H Bader | Builders.Build #42

This week on Builders Build the guys are back with not one but two guests. In this serendipitous first time meeting, old heads Oren, James, and Colin are dubbed the “cool uncles of Money Twitter” by none other than copywriters extraordinaire, Cardinal Mason and Ben H Bader.

For those who don’t know who these internet kids are, let’s break it down a bit…

  • Mason Doerr is known professionally as Cardinal Mason when he’s online. He’s a professional writer that’s generated over $30M in revenue for his clients. At his peak, #CardinalMason was making more than $40k a month as a copywriter, generating emails, ads, sales pages, and SMS messages for more than a couple of the world’s biggest brands. You can find Mason on Twitter at: @CardinalMason
  • Ben H Bader is a professional copywriter who generates millions of dollars in sales funnels, paid ads, and email  copy for coaches and course creators. The view from his desk is pretty spectacular, which you’ll see right away when you find him on Twitter: @BenHBader


In this episode the gang and friends talk about:

  • The young bull’s backgrounds
  • TikTok
  • Communities
  • Infoproduct funnels
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Organic vs. Paid
  • Mason’s citizenship
  • Miami life

… and more alpha than should be legally allowed!


We’re building funnels and communities with Cardinal Mason and Ben H Bader. Load up the pod today (see links in the header to all your favorite apps) or watch it below to hear more…




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