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The Pod That Got Us Canceled (+Kanye West @ComplexCon)

The Pod That Got Us Canceled (+Kanye West @ComplexCon)

This week's pod is chocka-full of alpha! Hear about Red Wednesday @Glowless, the team @work on individual projects, and Kanye West @ComplexCon right here and now | Builders Build #43

We were there before he was! Kanye West @ComplexCon was chaos! The man headlined day 2 of the ComplexCon convention in Long Beach, California, causing quite a stir when he showed up ‘unexpectedly’.


Kanye West @ComplexCon

For those who don’t know about it, ComplexCon (for complex conversations) features a wide range of culture-driven panel discussions, hosted and attended by some of the world’s most prolific figures in fashion, film, music, sports, and television. Held annually, this was ComplexCon’s 6th festival, which is said to have been created to bring “the Internet to real life”. ComplexCon features a range of concert performances, retail pop-up shops, art on display, food stalls, new brand activations, and some of the most interactive technologies around.

You may have missed Kanye West @ComplexCon, but keep an eye out for next year’s festival, dropping some time in November. We’re not sure who’s going to disrupt the conversation then, but you can be sure you’ll hear about it when the time comes.


Red Wednesday @Glowless

The long-awaited Red Wednesday campaign for Colin’s wife’s eCommerce brand, Glowless, launches soon, and you won’t believe the 6,000+ glowing reviews for the product!

Are you tired of the typical, tomato-red, Asian glow that comes from a night out with friends and your favorite bottle of alcohol? Glowless is transparent, discrete, affordable, convenient, and safe for use by either men or women. Neutralizing chemical buildup in your liver, Glowless also minimizes hangovers the following morning.



There’s new packaging in the works, subscription models coming up, and FREE! giveaways for the holiday season. Speaking of transparent… Colin’s wife gets a kickback from every sale, so be sure to order your Glowless now.


Let’s dive in to the rest of the pod.


What’s In The Pod?

In this pod, we decided to cross some lines and risk it all. Yep, this is the pod that gets us canceled. Or might not. Who knows? It was only a matter of time, anyway, so enjoy the alpha before they deplatform us.

While you can give us a listen… we also dive into:

  • The long-awaited Red Wednesday campaign, for Colin’s wife’s eCommerce brand, Glowless
  • Walking the floor and exploring the one and only ComplexCon
  • Oren deciding to flex on us all and buy the wifey a G Wagon
  • Black Friday plans for all our ecomm brands and clients
  • James hopping back on the horse and running his Monday morning team sync for the growing team at Nano Flips
  • The weird world of contemporary bro fashion
  • Different kinds of content – 36,000 articles a year – can it be done?
  • How to make money off of a vampire facial
  • Cold outreach at ComplexCon
  • And all the other on-point alpha that could get us banned for having kick-ass content!


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