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Andrew Tate: Bizarre Execution of a Real World Community

Andrew Tate: Bizarre Execution of a Real World Community

Pod #44 splits the blog post into 4 parts with 4 videos for 4 topics. Part 2 looks at the more-bizarre aspects of the "Real World", according to Andrew Tate | Listen now on your favorite platform

This is Builders.Build pod #44, split into 4 parts to accommodate 4 topics. You are reading Part 2, where the team take a dip into alternative education scams and politics. We discuss Andrew Tate, his new “community”, The Real World, and his bizarrely bad execution of things.

Let’s do this.


Part 2: Andrew Tate’s Bizarre Execution of the Real World Community

There are few who can say they haven’t heard of Andrew Tate. The self-declared “trillionaire” was recently banned from most popular social media sites for his hate speech towards women and his misogynistic views on women’s strengths, weaknesses, and responses to rape. The former Big Brother candidate is also seen as a bad influence on young men and their development for the same reasons.

Tate’s whack Utopia seems like an easy sell. And according to his basic pitch, we are all living in the Matrix. Tate’s server room at Hustler University – and his videos – are going to take you to the real world. That’s because Tate knows how to be a freelancer! 🤣

If you watch any of his videos, you’ll see Tate dodging the Matrix, shooting bullets at the range, reading a bunch of books, touching a baby tiger, and more… and it’s all designed to sell you a course on copywriting through his “university”. Seriously?

This fake persona thing is next level. Obviously, he has students and a whole bunch of fake accounts “leaking” his videos into the stream of noise that is the internet. We’re talking gray hat here (and probably black hat techniques, too).


“I was massively a victim of my own success”
– Andrew Tait


Join us as we talk about all things Andrew Tate, The Real World, and his bizarre videos and strategies.



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It’s maybe too early to know but it seems as if the Builders Build boys are finding their groove in the chaos this podcast has become, and we’d like to salute you for making it this far.

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