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Film Criticism: A Review of Universal’s Cocaine Bear movie

Film Criticism: A Review of Universal’s Cocaine Bear movie

Pod #44 splits the blog post into 4 parts with 4 videos for 4 topics. Part 1 reviews the trailer and casting of Universal's Cocaine Bear movie | Listen now on your favorite platform

This is Builders.Build pod #44, split into 4 parts to accommodate 4 topics. You are reading Part 1, which covers our review of the trailer and casting of Universal’s new movie, Cocaine Bear.

Let’s do this.


Part 1: The Insanity of Cocaine Bear

The movie Cocaine Bear is loosely based on the death of Pablo Escobear, a black bear that had lived in the mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest in North Georgia, USA. As the story goes, a dead drug dealer, a parachute, and over 30 kilos of cocaine fell out of the Knoxville, Tennessee sky on Sept. 11, 1985.

A large portion of the coke – worth almost $40 million by today’s standards – was consumed by Pablo Escobear, who died of a drug overdose some time before Dec. 23, 1985. The New York Times reported on the incident and country music legend Waylon Jennings acquired the stuffed bear. The bear was given to a friend of Jennings, but was later pawned when the friend passed away.

Said Pablo Escobear – Cocaine Bear itself – was later bought for a bargain price by a general store out in Lexington almost a decade ago, who put it on permanent display, affectionately naming it “Pablo Escobear” at the same time.

Now Pablo did not run amuck, high on coke, killing people. Actually, no-one knows what Pablo did while he was high, because it was only during an autopsy that the overdose was discovered.

We’re hoping that Cocaine Bear, the movie, runs pretty much true to history, at least until Pablo gets a hold of the duffel bag full of coke. According to the official movie trailer, Pablo gets high, then goes on a pretty gory, gruesome rampage. It would be nice if the story could be told from Pablo’s point of view…

Join us as we review the cast and trailer/plot line. A warning for parents: the language used is not filtered. Check IMDB for PG ratings.



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It’s maybe too early to know but it seems as if the Builders Build boys are finding their groove in the chaos this podcast has become, and we’d like to salute you for making it this far.

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