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How to Grow Websites

How to Grow Websites

We heard ya loud and clear, you like the deep dives. So for this episode we did a follow up to Episode 2 of Builders Build, where we discussed buying a digital asset. And don’t worry, Colin Landforce is back from his corporate life and back on the Builders Build team.

The plan was to break down growth levers AND to dive deep into monetization of these assets BUT THERE WAS SIMPLY TOO MUCH ALPHA (So we only had time to dive into growth).

Check out Episode 5 of Builders Build where we dive into:

  • What are digital assets Where have we bought them
  • Growth Levers
  • SEO (Full Pod Coming on This) Paid ads (Full Pod Coming on This)
  • Social channels – IG, Twitter, Reddit, FB Groups, ETC
  • Adding content: Written, video, posts, etc
  • And more….
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