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Buying Small Digital Assets to Build Your Brand

Buying Small Digital Assets to Build Your Brand

Buying Small Digital Assets to Build Your Brand | Builders Build

Small digital assets are an accelerator for business and a huge opportunity for passive income. Builders at the forefront have a huge edge in the new internet that is happening right in front us.

Let’s dive in.

What are Small Digital Assets?

This isn’t about crypto… it’s buying and building websites, social media accounts, and SaaS. These are investments and underrated tools for building your business or personal brand.

Digital assets aren’t a new concept. Owning a sellable thing on the internet – particularly if it’s a small digital asset you can build – starts with something everyone is familiar with: buying and selling domains.

But what’s new is how modern entrepreneurs should think about building, buying, and treating these properties as assets.

Creating Value with Your Small Digital Asset

Any website getting organic traffic on a topic is an asset.  If you can convert that traffic to

  • Email leads
  • Affiliate clicks
  • Ecommerce sales

It’s now an asset with value.

From a business perspective: If you have a home repair parts business and buy a website about home fixing tips with 3-4000 organic visitors a month, that’s integrating a big organic channel.

From a personal perspective: If you’re building your acumen as an interior designer and you purchase a 10k interior design Instragram account, that’s building your credibility and expanding your audience.

From a revenue perspective: If you want to make money and have the skills or tenacity to be a builder… buying small digital assets with unmonetized traffic in a niche and setting  up ecommerce, dropshipping, or affiliate sales is a route to passive income.

Now be careful, because selling social accounts is often against terms of service, but it happens by the thousands every day online. It’s uncharted waters; It’s a bit esoteric to navigate, and that’s why there’s alpha here.

Grouping Your Small Digital Assets Into  Attractive Packages

There’s also strength in numbers and bringing together disparate online assets into a group.

Single assets: If you own a single account or website, its a great tool to build traffic or an audience

Groups of assets: If you own 3-4 websites or social accounts in a niche with traffic, now you have a block that can leverage operational synergy, backlinks and cross-promotion, that is both easier to grow and can be packaged as a group to be worth more to a buyer.

Groups of assets across mediums: If you have a website or two in a niche, plus some Instagram accounts, a TikTok account and a lil ecommerce SaaS tool in the same niche… All of a sudden you have a full business unit.

Tips for Building Your Own Small Digital Assets

Building: If you don’t have money to buy assets, leverage your time to build them:

  • Write 1000 words a day, a week, or even a month on a topic and SEO optimize it on a website.
  • Post every day on Tik Tok in your niche with hashtags and good captions.
  • Keep your social media accounts active and relevant by posting on high-visibility days and leveraging the hours that return maximum engagement. A quick search on Google will tell you what those hours are, i.e. “best times to post to LinkedIn business pages”, etc.

It might take time, but you’re building an asset that can be sold or used to build leads

Buying and Selling Your Small Digital Assets

If you do have money, look at micro-acquire, flippa,  or a dozen other similar websites for small digital assets that appeal to you. Buy cheap, build, and then sell.


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