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How to Look For Product-Building SEO Keywords in Ahrefs (with Examples)

How to Look For Product-Building SEO Keywords in Ahrefs (with Examples)

How to Look For Product-Building SEO Keywords in Ahrefs (with Examples)

Finding product-building SEO keywords in Ahrefs is a breeze with this quick and easy guide.

Ahrefs is a digital marketing tool that’s aimed primarily at marketers, but works really well for individuals, startups, and e-commerce sites, too.

In addition to keyword research tools, the Ahrefs SEO software suite contains tools for analyzing your competitors, building links, tracking rank and domain metrics, and to audit your site. Ahrefs provides access to stable and accurate data, and is well-trusted in the market, helping everyday people rank higher on Google.

This article takes a look at how using Ahrefs tools can help you find SEO opportunities for your big idea.

How to Find and Use Product-Building SEO Keywords in Ahrefs

To start, I know people hate spending money on tools, and Ahrefs starts at a decently steep $99/m.  That said, you probably only need it for one month if you’re scouting, and also you can probably find cheap alternatives.  No matter what, just bite the bullet. SEO is worth it.

A further prologue… SEO takes time. Expect six months of consistent work to start getting results.  This means a lot of people just ignore it as a channel, or give up after a few months. Don’t. Once you’re entrenched and have built a good content site, that value can last for a LONG time, reduce your need to spend on ads, and is a platform for launching new things.  Years of built SEO is the sign of a good builder.

To start, use the “Keywords Explorer” in the top.

Type in things from the perspective of a target user, how you feel they would search for the term.  In our example we’re going to focus on opportunities in protein shakes, a super-crowded space.  I’m going to type in my 3 minute brainstorm, see below:

vanilla protein shake
matcha protein shake
best protein shake online
organic protein shake
coffee protein shake
buy organic protein shake online
protein shake subscription
best tasting protein shake 2022
savory protein shake
caramel protein shake
blueberry protein shake

Ahrefs then spits out a list that shows “KD” or Keyword Difficulty (how hard it is to rank on the first page for a keyword, on a scale of 100).  My general guide is that — below 10 is a layup, below 20 anyone can get, 30-40 you’re in for some work, 40-60 is gonna be brutal, 60+ don’t even try.

Ahrefs then shows the “volume” which is how many people search for the term each month (estimated) in your country, “GV” is the same thing global, “TP” is the traffic the #1 page receives for this term, “CPC” shows what people are paying for clicks on that terms in ads.  Then you’ll get to a “parent topic” which means you could rank for this term targeting something more general.

I’m actually stunned by the results.

Every one of these terms besides ‘vanilla’ is attainable. And ‘caramel’ has huge volume at a 5-keyword difficulty!  Savory is too small a category, so is subscriptions. Based on this… I’m going with caramel. Let’s take a look:



Now on the sidebar you can hit “search suggestions” and it will give you a ton of suggestions based on the keywords you entered. I put this one in and it’s FULL OF GEMS. “Savory protein powder” with a 1 difficulty and 250 hits a month? Opportunity! Check my results below:



There are tons more tools available in the Ahrefs software suite, but this is the quickest way to find opportunities.  It doesn’t take much, so definitely give it a spin when researching your next product idea!

When you’re done giving it a spin, you can go over to Product World to find suppliers 🙂

Thanks for reading.

– Oren


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