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Top Tips To Build Your Website Traffic

Top Tips To Build Your Website Traffic

Build your website traffic in 4 easy steps | Builders Build

So you’ve bought (or built) a website and you’re looking to build your website traffic. The most impactful initial steps to make sure it can grow are discussed below…

@Landforce, @JamesonCamp, and @OrenMeetsWorld go in-depth and share some major alpha on strategies to grow websites on the Builders Build podcast series here, and break it down even more for you in the key points below:

1. Make sure you have email capture:

a. On every page of the site.
b. In an exit popup.
c. Linked to a service that lets you do onboarding automation to nurture new leads.

2. Setup your SEO:

a. Each page should have a term you’re looking to rank for.
b. Titles and meta descriptions should be filled out.
c. Set up a service like Ahrefs or Semrush to monitor opportunities.
d. Look to establish more links back to your site.

3. Put your content on social:

a. YouTube is an overlooked resource. Republish content there as videos and embed them on the site and landers
b. Evaluate appropriate social assets to add. Don’t go where your customers are not.
c. Make sure your social links are on on your website and in your emails.

4. Add useful content – and then add some more:

a. If you have some SEO success or if you’re starting from scratch, there’s no such thing as too much content, as long as its USEFUL.
b. Focus on 2-3 blog entries a week, with video versions for YouTube.
c. Put your content to work in email automation!


We heard you loud and clear… find all the podcast deep dives on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple.


See the original Top Tips To Build Your Website Traffic Twitter thread here.

– Oren


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