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How to Make Your Website Faster (with Shawn O’Neill)

How to Make Your Website Faster (with Shawn O’Neill)

Got site speed issues? Episode 19 covers why & how to make your website faster, Get the alpha you need from Shawn O'Neill now! | Builders Build #19

Speed and optimization are some of the most overlooked aspects of building a website. BUT… knowing how to make your website faster is critical not only from a user experience perspective, but also from a woo-commerce and shopping experience.

When you’re building online businesses and websites it’s not all Lambos, raw egg smoothies, and bottle service. Some days, you’ve got to think about dev ops issues (and opportunities) like site speed. This week we have Shawn O’Neill of Speed Sense on the pod talking all things speed (no Lambos).

Speed Sense is based out of Canada. Amongst the services offered, Speed Sense teaches its clients how to make ultra-optimized websites, and helps brands speed up their websites.

Why learn how to make your website faster?

Besides the shocking ROI of a single millisecond improvement, the BB19 pod covers causes and benefits, including common culprits such as:

  • sudden growth, which generally results in less communication as people just carry on trying to do their best
  • a lack of focus on site speed or a lack of issues reported about it
  • optimizing too soon with too many addons or plugins
  • over-dynamic pages with tons of media or product
  • lazy-loading addons which sometimes lazy load the user experience, too.

Learn the key terminology and discover the benefits of knowing how to make your website faster. There are many reasons why you’d want to speed up your website, like:

  • so the slow site speed does not negatively impact your SEO rankings
  • to prevent issues arising when trying to scale too soon
  • and so you can get the user the core stuff related to the user experience on screen.

Whether you’re a solopreneur building your first blog or a seasoned developer dealing with site speed issues, this is the pod you need! Give the pod a listen, share it to your network, and follow us for more like this.


Find and connect with Shawn O’Neill on LinkedIn and check out Speed Sense now.


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