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The Grindset of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The Grindset of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

This is Builders.Build pod #44, split into 4 parts to accommodate 4 topics. Part 3 talks about the grindset of a lifestyle entrepreneur, and asks if it's all about no work or bosses, or about more? | Listen now on your favorite platform

This is Builders.Build pod #44, split into 4 parts to accommodate 4 topics. You are reading Part 3, where the team takes a hard look at the grindset of a lifestyle entrepreneur. Is it all about no work and no bosses, or is it about more?

Let’s do this.

Part 3: The Grindset of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

You know, there’s this whole generation who thinks there’s some kind of privilege to being an entrepreneur, like… Yeah. It’s just going to land in your lap and you’ll never have to work again in your life. Everything’s just magically going to happen once you become a lifestyle entrepreneur. You get to party hard, and work easy…


Join us as we talk about what being an entrepreneur is actually all about.


What’s on the Pod?

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Read Part 4 here, where the team talks about monetization of Colin & Oren’s 400k follower Art History Twitter account and email list, Academia Aesthetics.


It’s maybe too early to know but it seems as if the Builders Build boys are finding their groove in the chaos this podcast has become, and we’d like to salute you for making it this far.

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