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The Dark Side of Podcasting

The Dark Side of Podcasting

Radio on demand is not easy to maintain without some form of motivation. The team unpack the dark side of podcasting, algorithms, and more | Builders.Build #40

It is obscenely difficult to create a podcast and get traction on it. You have this massive effort to get it produced – never mind the topics! – but it only results in marginal return on investment (ROI). That’s the dark side of podcasting, right there.

When you’re hyper-focused on getting results from your efforts, the rest of it becomes… time-consuming, a chore. And when your ROI starts slipping, you have to wonder whether it’s all worth it or not.

As goal-oriented men, where are we going with this pod? The troth of despair that hangs in the air needs to change, which means the pod needs to change if the numbers are going to continue to motivate us. Either we do this for money, or we do it because we love doing it. You know which of those two scenarios we prefer.

Forget a format. In this episode, the boys hit record on an existential convo about their time spent on the podcast, the dark side of the Twitter algorithm, and where-to from here.

This episode covers:

  • Ideas on a podcast pivot (Do we or don’t we?)
  • Tweaking for short form content
  • One Sec (the app)
  • Twitter thread boys
  • Halloween adventures

And all the other alpha you’ve come to expect from us.


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