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Her Loss and Waka Flaka’s Last Stand (with Chadney Lujan)

Her Loss and Waka Flaka’s Last Stand (with Chadney Lujan)

Ep #41 talks to Chadney Lujan on all things life, Waka Flocka Flame, private jets, and more. Join Builders.Build on Spotify, Apple, & YouTube

We’re joined by a rare and appropriately iconic man on the pod today. A staple of the real-life inner circle, this guy lurks on the dark parts of the internet (Instagram) instead of where the rest of us hang out. Welcome, Chadney Lujan.

For the young-money Twitter gods out there… We asked Chad a key question in today’s pod… “If you were to re-plan the path of being on tour with the top 10 DJ on the planet, what’s the advice you’d give to the young man sitting in front of you?”

And actually, “What would you say to every 19-year-old out there that wants to follow your life path? What are the three steps they can take to ensure that they’re going to end up exactly where you are, running around the world with the top 10 biggest DJ on the planet, on a private jet?”

Amongst Chad’s sage replies, we found these three golden pearls:

  1. Do it early, when you’re young and still have time ahead of you instead of waiting until you’re in your 30s, kids running around, you’re stressed to the max all the time.
  2. Make sure you’re really passionate about what you’re doing and the space you’re in. If you’re not, you really shouldn’t be doing it at all.
  3. Make sure you’re happy about doing what you’re doing or else… what’s the point?

People who have a lot of money often let it drive them to having a lot of things. Rather keep it simple. Instead of having everything, have what you need first, then have what you want.

But more importantly, have what makes you happy. Pick the things that make you really happy to do, and just follow through with those things. The rest is irrelevant, really.


About Chadney Lujan

Chad was Colin’s best man, and worked with him and Oren for years. Now, though, Chad is a bag boy (also known as an Assistant Tour Manager) for REDACTED. Chad has been on more private jets this year than every dropshipping guru combined and he won’t help you get your boy’s demo to any of his contacts.

We talk about:

  • The best man speech at Colin’s wedding
  • Private jets for lease (2022)
  • Life as a bag man
  • Waka Flocka Flame’s discography
  • LTRMN’s 2019 EBITDA
  • We get some great life advice
  • and WOW! so much more…

But truly, the most shocking revelation of this episode is that James has never listened to Waka Flocka Flame. It’s quite possible we wouldn’t have been friends during those formative early years if we had known this about him…


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