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Build an Email Newsletter Business (with Jack Raines)

Build an Email Newsletter Business (with Jack Raines)

Newsletters are hot right now! And so, being able to build an email newsletter business makes sense.

With the launch of Free Smoke last week, James, Oren, and Colin are all building email lists in different niches. Selfishly, they had to bring Jack Raines of Young Money onto the pod to talk all things writing, building email lists, and developing relationships for distribution. Jack and YMCMB are on a remarkable trajectory right now so he’s the perfect guest for an inaugural email list deep-dive on this topic.

As the only truly owned channel for a creator, email isn’t going anywhere and you’ll hear the guys talking about it for years to come.

In this post you’ll hear about:

  • Getting started building a newsletter
    • Finding your community
    • Getting your first subscribers
    • Starting without a big following
    • Finding relevant eyes for your content
    • Leveraging relationships
    • Contributing to publications for more eyes
  • Metrics to keep an eye on
    • Open rates and CTR
    • Demographics
  • When to monetize
    • Ecomm-ready users
    • Single vs double opt-in
    • Rubbing shoulders with the titans in your space
    • Subscription niches vs ad model
    • How to find advertisers

And…. pandering to Tim Ferriss, the god. Catch all the Tim Ferriss podcasts here.


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