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How to Find Your Zone of Genius (with Andrew Gazdecki)

How to Find Your Zone of Genius (with Andrew Gazdecki)

How to Find Your Zone of Genius (with Andrew Gazdecki) | Builders Build #23

Meet Andrew Gazdecki, Founder of MicroAcquire and former CEO and Founder of Bizness Apps and Altcoin. Andrew joins the Builders Build podcast on episode 23 to discuss acquiring and selling startups, and how to find your zone of genius.

Get your ears ready for one of the best Builders Build episodes we’ve had yet!



Andrew’s current venture, MicroAcquire, is the perfect place to discover your dream startup. It’s quickly becoming one of the top startup acquisition marketplaces in the world, too.

MicroAcquire connects startups to acquirers in a single marketplace. Remove the uncertainty and the gridlock. Find the right buyer. Succeed where others have failed, and foster the next generation of entrepreneurs.

On the pod today, we dive into everything, including:

  • selling startups
  • running 400-person organizations
  • parenthood
  • leaving a legacy
  • and the age-old question…exactly how much is enough money to be happy?


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