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How to Buy a Commercial Service Business (with Chris Munn)

How to Buy a Commercial Service Business (with Chris Munn)

Buy a Commercial Service Business | Builders Build #24

The online economy is set to soar post pandemic times, especially as more and more bespoke companies enter the market and start selling their products online. The profit margins on delivering these orders are phenomenal – NOW is the time to buy a commercial service business!

A Detroit brat, Chris’ financial background in a corporate environment underpins his experience. Founder of the Fairfield Company, Chris runs an independent, boutique private investment firm that focuses on acquiring and growing small commercial businesses.

The Fairfield Company was established in 2020. The team provides permanent capital to the companies through acquisition, thereby investing in businesses as long-term owners – an investment that can be held for decades.


What’s on the pod?

James and Colin do a deep dive with Chris, talking about buying and running small businesses with SBA debt. Learn how to buy a commercial service business, including:

  • What’s it like to own a holding company?
  • Where is the opportunity?
  • What regions are best to own in?
  • And all the extra alpha you need to make an informed decision, as usual.


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