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Meet The Team: What The Squad Does for a Living

Meet The Team: What The Squad Does for a Living

BB #25: Meet the team | Builders Build (S3E1)

Builders Build is 10 months old! Welcome to Season 3 of the Builders Build podcast.

We had a good run of guests here on the pod. We’re thankful to all of them and their amazing contributions, and hope they’ve enjoyed being on the show as much as we’ve enjoyed having them here.

Somewhere in this journey we came to realize that what we were putting out had become too similar to what everyone else is doing. But those aren’t the things that are worth doing.

Plus: we weren’t having much fun anymore…

It’s time to kick some rocks.


“Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.” ~ Romans 12:2


Meet The Team: Builders Build Season 3

On this return to an open format with the gang, we answer the most common question we get…

“WTF do you guys do for a living?”

James, Oren, and Colin get right into it, defining new terminology, talking about what they do to pay the bills, and fleshing out goals for the rest of the year:

  • Colin is CTO at Unrivaled Brands. Obviously, there’s a lot of technology and user experience that comes into the role. Colin has a lot of projects on the go, and he brings loads of technological bytes to the pod.
  • James is a serial entrepreneur that loves building stuff. He can best be described as an M & A (mergers and acquisitions) advisor to the stars, and works behind the scenes on a lot of celebrity businesses. Current projects include an online course to teach entrepreneurs how to buy and sell their own businesses, and building his newsletter, now 12,500 subscribers strong and on a steep profitability curve upwards.
  • Oren is a full maniac entrepreneur. An initial partner (and now a silent one) in Texas-based aerospace and engineering firm Guinn Partners, he is also the ex-president of Unrivalled Brands. Oren now focuses on high-level product, brand, and e-commerce strategies for an eclectic collection of emerging and interesting brands like LiftFoils (the eFoil brand) and The Shoe Surgeon. He currently invests in tech startups, and brings a wealth of sourcing and product info to the pod.

In a new recurring segment where the guys riff on projects they’re working on if they had the time, they dive into a productized accounting service concept and XYZ.

This season is a return to the maker. The builder, if you will.


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