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Find Your Brand Voice on TikTok (Like We Did!)

Find Your Brand Voice on TikTok (Like We Did!)

Find Your Brand Voice on TikTok | Builders.Build #32

If you had asked us a couple of years ago what we thought our goals for 2022/2023 would be? None of us would have told you that they were to become prolific content creators, especially on TikTok. But… here we are.

Oren leads the pack, with Colin coming out the gate strong, and James? Well, James is hopping on TikTok soon, don’t worry.

Give this episode a listen as we dive into:

  • How 3 men in their 30s plan to take over TikTok
  • What works on TikTok and what doesn’t
  • How TikTok differs from other social channels
  • Is TikTok the future of where people go to search online
  • How to find your brand voice on TikTok
  • Using TikTok to rank in Google
  • And more

But first…

Watch as the team takes a look at all the good reasons you should be on the #1 channel moving the Zeitgeist right now. 



Why you should be on TikTok

There’s a generational opportunity on TikTok, a shift between audiences from existing social media platforms to new social media collaborative spaces. In fact, 55% of TikTok users use the platform to research brands or products, according to recent survey data from HubSpot.

The TikTok platform was actually designed to be able to scale. They want people to follow you. They want people to engage with your content, your business, and your brand.

But here’s something few people know right now… TikTok aren’t doing that to gain money (yet). If you’re not yet on TikTok, there’s a little time left to still be early.

You can be early right now, establish your brand as an early pioneer, and build a real business for yourself on the platform that moves the Zeitgeist like none others have done this decade.


Find Your Brand Voice on TikTok (Like We Did!)

You can find us on TikTok as individuals or as the brands we’re building. We’re going to be all over it, living it. We’re going to become personalities, solid content creators.

In the process, we’ll be expanding our personal brands, building our businesses, and gaining an understanding of the knowledge of what’s happening in the world around us today, so we’re better prepared to continue moving forward into the future tomorrow.

We’re fired up about it for two reasons:

  1. There is a great opportunity waiting for your brand if you take the leap with us and pursue making your it famous on TikTok for all the right reasons.
  2. It’s a grind getting your ass kicked as a new TikTok content creator in these early days, but stick it out because the learning curve is well worth it.

People consume media so quickly these days. If you’re pushing the needle with your content and putting it out there, you can get in front of your niche market and start engaging with your audience much faster.

So for instance, when someone likes one of your videos, the algorithm shows you more of their videos. Then you follow them and they follow you, so you make it on to their friends tab. Suddenly, you’re seeing all of each others videos.

That’s how quickly it grows. This means that you can basically get all the saturation within your brand niche in an escalated, speedy way that is super-fascinating.


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