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How to Start Writing Online (with Dickie Bush)

How to Start Writing Online (with Dickie Bush)

Start Writing Online... Today. Join the Builders Build podcast for more info " Builders Build #14

If you’ve ever wanted to start writing online, but weren’t sure where to start, this pod is for you!

Former BlackRock trader turned digital builder, Dickie Bush joins Builders Build podcast #14 to talk about how to start writing online, how to stay the course, finding your ideal audience, and more.

Over the past 2 years, Dickie has helped more than 4,000 people kick-start their online writing career with his incredibly well-respected program, ​​Ship 30 for 30.

Start Writing Online… Today

Like most online writers, Bush began his online writing career by following the ‘sage’ advice out there — “Write a weekly blog on your own website.”, “Own your platform.”, “Write only about things you want to write about.” and more of the same.

Discovering that there was no feedback loop to this slow and monotonous ritual, Bush also realized that the ideas in his head were stuck in a bottleneck. Changing tactics, he began publishing short and quick posts of 250 words instead of the recommended 1,000-word posts.

Tweaking his strategy so he could reach more people with his words, Bush published to Twitter instead of into the unread void of his own blog. Challenging himself to a 30-day trial of writing and publishing daily, Bush discovered that perfectionism (for the sake of it) had been holding him back.

Bush grew his audience by over 500% and earned his first dollar on the internet, all the while learning. Waking up excited to write and publish, while also improving his writing, Bush now helps others just like you to build good writing habits that’ll help you start writing online immediately.

Ship 30 for 30 shares the fundamentals of writing online, and shows you how to get 30 pieces of content published in 30 days.

Want more? take a look at TypeShare, the Digital Writing Platform that helps you write your social blog once, then publish it everywhere.


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